Steamed Veggies is a slice-of-life, semi-autobiographical comic strip (except when it isn’t) focusing on real-life stories of events and friendship (and maybe some philosophical waxing here and there.) It updates every Friday.

If this is your first time here, hey, what’s up? I hope you’re having a good day. If you’re looking for some place to start, here’s the first comic of 2017, which I think marks a pretty solid streak of comics. Not that the pre-2017 ones aren’t good, but it’s a good starting place, ya know? I also did a big three-part comic about MaxFunCon East 2016, which I’m really proud of. And there’s this really good comic about a TWRP concert. But for the most part the comic isn’t really sequential, so just go for it!

The People


Oh hey, that’s me! I’m a 24-year-old, Ohio-based artist and illustrator. One time I stole a prop cow from an abandoned theatre, carried it across my campus, and then carried it back and put it back in the theatre because I felt bad about it, if that’s any indication of my character. I’m a storyteller at heart, and embrace a “commit to the bit” philosophy (which is probably why I love stuff like Dungeons and Dragons so much) and I want to celebrate the things and people that inspire me to create daily (which is probably why a good chunk of these comics are “hey, let me talk about a thing”.) Outside of this comic, I also make a podcast with LiZz about swords, and I’m a freelancer! Which basically means I never sleep and 90% of my blood is coffee.


Voted “Most Likely to Whoop Someone’s Butt and then Make You A Fine Drink” by me, just now. My goal is to get to a point when I draw Alex in comics that her hair just takes up the entire panel. Alex and I met in my senior year of high school where we sat at the same table in art class and promptly made everyone else in that art class hate us because good lord we were all very loud and obnoxious. She’s the sharpest dresser I know and an amazing designer to boot. Also, her cat, Honey, is the best cat on Earth. That’s an indisputable fact.



Here’s all you need to know about LiZz: one time I came back from class in my junior year of college to find her working on a sword almost as big as me in our door room, and I was completely unfazed. We actually met in sophomore year in a class about Ancient Etruscan and Greek Art, and bonded over dick jokes. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. For real though, you’ll never meet a more passionate person than LiZz. Like, talk to her about swords some time, for real. She’s an incredible artist, metalsmith, and friend. That’s cheesy, but it’s true!



Sometimes you meet someone in high school and you kinda know them through mutual friends but not really well, and then you go to different colleges and become super close and end up going on a trip with them to Disney after you graduate and would also trust them with your life. That’s Denise for me. Also, if a person could be a margarita, Denise is that person. A weird, transmogrified margarita person. For real though, Denise is 1) very cool, 2) has good cats and a good dog, 3) yes I make note of all of my friends’ pets because it’s very important and 4) is extremely funny.


You guys all have that one friend who’s basically a professional asshole, but you’ve known them for so long that you guys are pretty much stuck together? And like, sure, there have been times where you’ve both wanted to murder each other, but you know that if one of you were in dire peril, the other would do everything in their power to both help and rain hellfire upon those who wronged them. Anyway, I’ve known Kyle for about as long as I’ve been alive, which is weird and gives me a small existential crisis every time I think about it. We grew up together but he lives across the country now, which is why he only shows up in comics for special occasions. It’s just cause he’s not physically here all the time. And that’s a bummer.


Jesse is a cool guy, I guess. We met at a mutual friend’s birthday party, where we spent a solid fifteen minutes talking about Billy Joel for some reason, and then got to know each other as a part of a big Skype chat group, which is a sentence that will be impossible for future linguists to parse. One time he made me watch a really sad episode of Scrubs and then BOTH really sad episodes of Futurama. Thanks for that, Jesse. He’s also does a lot of computer stuff! I don’t know what a lot of it is, but it seems like magic!



Jackie is an absolute ray of sunshine, ok? We met as a part of that big ol’ Skype chat group and then she moved to the area after she graduated! Internet friendships becoming physical space friendships. I cannot stress enough of much of a nice person Jackie is. She’s so supportive of everyone else! It’s like she’s got a store of dedicated energy just for cheering everyone one in their projects. She also hilariously and adorable mispronounces and misappropriates the meanings of things. This can often be almost disastrous (just let your imagination run with that one), but it’s also kind of endearing. She’s just a sweetheart.



Kay-Lee and I were practically neighbors for years but didn’t really hang out or anything until we both went away to different colleges and would just catch up periodically. It’s really cool to have someone you can just kinda pick things up with every once and a while and it’s super chill, you know? She lives in Florida now so we don’t see each other very often, but it’s like no time has passed at all when we do. Also I got her to listen to Night Vale when we were both in college which is still one of my prime accomplishments.



Whitney was my roommate at MaxFunCon East 2016, and holy crap, I could not have asked for a better roommate that weekend. She’s funny and witty and dresses like she walked right off the set of a Wes Anderson movie, which is the greatest of compliments, by the way. We became fast friends, and she made that weekend absolutely unforgettable: her personality fills up a room in the best way, and I genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if she became some international jet-setter or something. When we met up again at the end of the month at Candlenights, she apologized for being late to dinner but explained that she bought an incredible jacket. And you know what? It was incredible.


Lovely and caring but also bitingly quick witted, Mandy is another one of the people I met at MaxFunCon East 2016 (who I lovingly refer to as the MFCE crew). She’s a nurse and makes a very good podcast about animals with her husband, Kevin. Also she just had a baby! What the heck!




Another MFCE crew member, Kevin is a self-described very cool guy. And I also think he’s very cool, so you can add “Emily-described very cool guy” to that CV. He performs improv from time to time, so if you’re in the Columbus area, check that out! He’s also the aforementioned Kevin who’s married to Mandy. They are extremely cute together. It’s almost unfair.



Have you ever wondered what a sunbeam who is really good at hugs would be like if they were a person? It turns out they would be Marco, who rounds out the MFCE crew. Just genuinely the sweetest, most caring guy you’ll ever meet. He might have been the first person I met that weekend, which just set the entire tone for an incredible time and an amazing friendship. Also, his Magnus cosplay is dope as heck.



I promise you that Em does not dress as Doctor Sung from TWRP all the time, but when we met in real life for the first time, she was dressed as Doctor Sung from TWRP for most of that day. Anyway, Em and I were internet friends for the better part of three or four years (we met from Game Grumps stuff, I believe?) and then we finally met in real life and neither of us are dead, so that’s cool. She’s also very lovely and sweet and does straight-up magic with makeup. She’s so good at it, you guys.