Wow, hey, it’s been a while, huh?

First off, thank you so, so much for being here and reading this comic. I’ve been making Steamed Veggies for a little over three years now (time is fake, holy crap) and what started as a side project in between wanting to create a larger comic has become an important part of me and something I truly love to make. Over time, this comic has become a place to memorialize incredible moments I’ve shared with friends in my life, a way to process and funnel stress and anxiety into a way I can manage (and maybe connect with others who are feeling the same way too, I’m not sure), and has been a format I’m always excited to experiment with to capture feelings and stories that have deeply impacted me. It’s cheesy to say that this comic is a part of me, but it is! It’s still weird to hear someone say they’ve read it, and it means so, so much to me, more than words can say.

Secondly, some updates! If you want to support the comic in a more direct way, I have a Ko-Fi page that acts as a tip jar (you’ve probably seen the link in the right column for a while, but I figured I’d point it out again!) Please don’t feel any obligation to donate, but if you like the comic, maybe consider chipping in if you can! If you leave a request and a way for me to contact you (like a Twitter handle or an email) I’ll doodle you something as thanks too!

I posted about this a while back, but if you’re looking for more stuff by yours truly (and other incredible folks), I host a podcast with Anne Kirn called Guilty Treasures, which is an interview/conversational podcast all about secret passions and hidden joys. Each episode we have on a new guest to talk about something they’re really into but don’t share very often! A bunch of people you’ve seen in these comics have been on it, and it’s a project I’m just incredibly proud to be a part of and create. Please give it a listen if you haven’t yet (and if you have, maybe leave a review on iTunes? That stuff genuinely helps us and makes our day.)

ALSO HEY WOW: you can now get to the site by going to! Do I regret branding the comic under some inscrutable brand that I thought was a good idea in college? POTENTIALLY

Anywho, that’s all for now; things are just chugging along (read: extremely busy) here on the home front. Thank you all for being here, reading this, reading the comic, all of it. Keep on keepin’ on out there.