Woah! Hey! This is a comic! A new comic! That you can look at with your eyeballs!

Ok, first off: thanks for checking this out! I’m Emily, and you’re probably here because you follow me on Twitter or Tumblr or (and this is a stretch) have seen some of my other projects (like Paradigm Shift or Paper Cranes). Steamed Veggies is a new comic of mine, updating weekly, and is just kinda focused on silly little stories I’ve been collecting from my friends over the years; little slice-of-life things that I just enjoy making and get a kick out of. Hopefully you’ll like them too!

Another person you should probably be aware of is Jesse (who is that other guy in that first comic right there. The one playing a DS with the ponytail. That one), who is gonna help manage the site a bit! Jesse is a total jerk cool guy who has basically agreed to help me keep a schedule with this thing.

Speaking of schedule! I plan to post a new Steamed Veggies comic every Friday! If I build enough buffer, I’d like to push that to two days a week, but baby steps, you know.

The site’s still a little rough around the edges, but check out that About page or all those fancy social media links up there in that bar so you can see me shout into the void on all of the different platforms, if that’s a thing you’re into.

Anyway! Thank you so dang much for your support throughout everything I’ve done; I hope these comics can become a new thing you call can look forward to an enjoy every week! See you all next Friday for some wild stories!