Woah hey: an update post? On a Saturday, of all days?

Yeah, it’s pretty weird, but I’ll try to make it quick: first off, I just wanna say thanks to all you awesome people who have been reading this comic, whether you’ve been here for a couple months or a couple of weeks, or even just yesterday! It means a lot that you guys would take time out of your day to read this silly little slice of life comic thing, and the reactions and tweets always warm my heart.

If you’ve followed me on Twitter lately, you probably know that things have been kinda hectic for me lately! Despite this, I’ve tried to keep on top of updates as much as possible (with one little NSP/TWRP-related slip-up, but that can hardly be called my fault), but these next two weeks are gonna be a little different: I’m gonna be on vacation! But thankfully, I have a bunch of awesome friends who have stepped up to make guest comics for those two weeks so I can get some much needed R&R. Actually, I got so many cool people making guest comics that, starting March 14th through the beginning of April, there’s gonna be two updates a week: a guest one on Monday, and then a normal one from yours truly on Friday!

During my little hiatus, Jesse is gonna be in charge of updating the website and writing posts and the like, so be nice to him, ok? Make sure he doesn’t break the site. Please.