[skateboards in with a stick of pocky in my mouth] y’all won’t BELIEVE the few weeks I’ve had

So hey, this is big one! (It might be roughly the size of 1/3rd of Firewood, but I have no clue.) There’s a LOT in this one too. I’m really proud of it, and I’m nervous to put it out there, but here it is. 💛

I might add a little more that I want to say to this post eventually, but I think I want to let the comic speak for itself here. Thanks for reading.

EDIT: Hey hi, it’s Saturday, and I thought I’d have words to say but I still don’t! I do want to point out the section on “borrowed advice”, which is maybe an odd phrase, but it’s the best way I could put it: advice that wasn’t personally given to me, but shifted my perspective nonetheless. I wish I could cite the first one properly: I remember seeing the sentiment floating around on a Tumblr post one day, and genuinely said, out loud, “ah shit” upon reading it.

The second one is this tweet and boy oh boy do I think about it a LOT. Maybe the conclusion I’ve drawn wasn’t the intended one but, eh. What’re ya gonna do.