So I dunno about you guys, but our white elephant gift exchange at our annual friend holiday party is a gambling game of Pirates’ Dice. You put all the presents in the middle, the dice get passed around, if you roll doubles, you can take a gift, so on and so forth. Once all the gifts are OUT of the middle, however, every time you roll a double, you can steal a gift from someone. This quickly devolves into screaming matches within thirty seconds of the round starting.

This year’s big fight was over a present we lovingly titled “Big Blue” (because, get this: it was big, and blue). It got stolen so much the wrapping paper started to rip before we were finished. It ended up being a Christmas pickle ornament wrapped in approximately 100 yards of streamers, and the rule was that you couldn’t tear into it. It took 20 minutes to unwrap, and it was wonderful.

Also hey, this week marks one whole year of Steamed Veggies! Thanks for reading, no matter how long it’s been.

Happy holidays, merry Candlenights, see you next week!