A three panel, full color comic. In the first panel, Emily, a woman with glasses, short brown hair, and a black t-shirt, sits hunched over a cubical desk, her laptop off to the side and her lunch spread out in front of her. She holds a can of sparkling water in her left hand, a sandwich in her right. Her laptop, off to her right, dings with a new email. "Hey Emily," it reads, "Here's the Vector Man graphic for the website--" In the second panel, Emily stands in the left corner of the panel, looking thoughtfully off to the side. In the rest of the panel, a nondescript silhouette stands behind a gray table, upon which there is a darker gray box labeled "PRODUCT" with measurements for each side of the box next to it. "What they meant: this style of visual we use to show product scale," the text boxes read. In the third panel, Emily is still in the left corner of the panel, now excited with two clenched fists raised in front of her. "What I pictured:" the text box starts, giving way to a large illustration of the Sega character Vectorman: a humanoid figure with arms and legs, made entirely of green spheres. He has a Mega Man-like helmet around his head, and he grits his teeth as he raises a hand to strike an off-screen opponent. The sky behind him is blue with fluffy clouds, and silhouettes of televisions and scaffolding are scattered in the background. Emily reacts to all of this with a resounding "YEAH!!"

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