A full color comic. In the first panel, Emily stands in an elevator, leaving work, impatiently vibrating. She thinks as the elevator's "dings!" interrupt her thoughts: "Come onnn come on come on come on. It takes me an hour to get home and I have a call in an hour and it's SO IMPORTANT! Come ON I know it's my fault that I'm running late but aaaa--" The yelling thought bubble continues down into the second panel, in which Emily swiftly walks down the hallway of an office building. Cars can be seen in silhouette in the parking lot outside, as well as another annex of the building. Her yelling continues into the third panel, but instead of thoughts, she's now audibly yelling: "AAAA SISYPHUS BABY GIRL WE GOTTA GO" she shouts as she sprints outside of the office building, another person obscured by the word bubble. A parenthetical notes that Sisyphus is her car's name. In the fourth panel, Emily stops and looks to her left at a businesswoman who was outside, an unwilling spectator to Emily's shenanigans. The businesswoman looks on in confusion. In the fifth panel, Emily stands alone in a black panel, only rendered in outline, as she ekes out "please ignore me," clearly mortified by the interaction.

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