A series of hourly comics, spanning from 12 AM to 10 PM. 12 AM and 5 AM, like, separately: A series of two panels depicting Emily lying in bed, blinking blearly. The narration in the first panel reads "I know that if I look at my phone, it'll be harder to go back to sleep." In the second panel, she slyly starts looking at her phone, the light brightening her face. The narration continues, "Buuuuuut maybe I'll just see if anyone's said anything about the comic yet." The last panel reads "Hourly Comic Day 2024," with the bottom subtitle of "This will likely be a theme today. 6 AM: Two panels. In the first, Emily lies in bed, her phone on her bedspread and the alarm blaring. "Well surely that isn't my alarm," she thinks. In the second panel, she jolts up with the thought "WAIT SHIT IT IS." The bottom subtitle reads, "I'm sure the sleep deprivation will be fine." 7 AM: Two panels. The first is labeled "Drivin' to work," and Emily sits in her car, belting out the lyrics to Let Me Bathe In Demonic Light by the Mountain Goats. The second is labeled "Brewed coffee for the office, continued to check comments," and Emily holds a mug of steaming coffee to her face as she scrolls on her phone, giggling mischievously. 8 AM: Two panels. In the first, Emily sits at a desk, with a laptop and large monitor in front of her. The narration reads "Get ready for several panels of sitting at a desk in an office." In the second panel, she looks at the camera and shrugs. The narration concludes, "Sorry, it's boring." The bottom subtitle reads "such is the curse of in-office HCDs." 9 AM: Two panels. The first is labeled, "Catching up on TAZ vs. Dracula," and Emily sits at her laptop, but in a Dracula cloak and fangs. A tiny "bleh" accompanies her. The second panel is labeled "Saw a cardinal on my walk," and depicts Emily, outside, yelling HOLY FU-- at a red cardinal in the foreground. The bottom subtitle reads "I love him." 10 AM: Two panels. The first is labeled "The fine art of IG stories." Still outside, Emily carefully scrubs on her phone, thinking "gotta get the lyric to play juuuust right." In the second panel, Emily is back in the office at her desk. The narration reads "Also, I'm trying to figure out a design thing for work but my brain is just--" and a large bubble reading "elevator music" floats up from Emily's head as she stares blankly. The bottom subtitle reads "watch my brain liquify in real time!" 11 AM: Two panels. The first is labeled "More podcast," and features Emily posing in the previously described costume, this time with bats. The second is labeled "More this" and she crouches over her laptop, groaning. The bottom subtitle reads "at least TAZ vs. Dracula is fun." 12 PM: Two panels. The first is labeled "Lunch!" and shows as such: a salad with carrots and green goddess dressing, and a tangerine. The second is labeled "More lunch!" and shows a tupperware of baby carrots and hummus, and a granola bar. The bottom subtitle reads "lunch!!!" 1 PM: Two panels. The first shows Emily sneaking into a break room, holding her tablet and looking suspicious. The narration reads "I use some lunch break time to hide in our mental health break room and do some comic catch-up." In the second panel, she's back at her desk, wincing at an off panel sound. The narration reads "Also there's some kind of whirring sound that keeps happening?" The bottom subtitle reads "I think someone's testing something but UGH." 2 PM: Two panels. In the first, Emily crouches over her laptop, head in her hands, looking off panel. The narration reads "The meting that always fills me with unending rage only made me SLIGHTLY mad today. So that's a win." In the second panel, Emily points to a laptop screen and a page design. The narration reads "But I figured out a potential solution for the aforementioned design problem? Maybe?" The bottom subtitle reads "It's at least a start." 3 PM: Two panels. In the first, Emily happily looks at her phone, with bubbles for her texts and Sunflower Station popping up. The narration reads "quick catchin up on friends' hourlies and messages." In the second panel, in a fit of rage, Emily grips her laptop and shakes it as knives appear around it. The narration clarifies: "which is a nice distraction from struggling with Mailchimp for work." The bottom subtitle reads "I love technology it's my favorite thing." 4 to 5 PM: Two panels. In the first, Emily, all bundled up and with her backpack and lunchbox, yells "I WANNA BE HOME." In the second, she's in her car, singing along to Something About You buy Level 42. The narration clarifies: "Commute first." 6 PM: Two panels. The first is labeled "Among Us with Sunsta." One Among Us bean hangs down from the top of the panel, saying "I think it's Emily," while another yells "WHY ME?" In the second panel, a bean yells "WHERE IS EVERYONE" while yelling. The narration finishes: "I'm not very good at it." The bottom subtitle reads "it WAS Me and Annabelle, for the record." 7 PM: Two panels. In the first, Emily washes dishes. In the second, Emily stands presenting dinner: An Old Style and a plate of apple slices, cheese, and salami. The narration clarifies "I don't want to cook so I just threw a snack plate together." The bottom subtitle reads "No shame to the adult lunchable." 8-9 PM: Two panels. In the first is a drawing of Crono from Chrono Trigger. The narration reads, "Catching up on hourlies and watching stream VODs of a Chrono Trigger playthrough." In the second, Emily sits on the couch with her tablet saying "yaay Robo's here." The narration continues "It's one of my fav games and it's so fun to watch someone whose commentary I enjoy (Barry Kramer) play it for the first time." The bottom subtitle reads "Also best soundtrack, no contest." 10 PM: One panel. Emily is curled in bed, scrolling on her phone. Text above reads "Ok I'm tired! See you next year!"

Thanks as always for reading! Next Friday will be a normal SV comic, see you then!