A four panel, full color comic, set in the world of Cult of the Lamb. In the first panel, Emily is the Lamb, her iconic glasses and eyebrows on the cute lamb frame. She sweeps in the foreground of a forested expanse as a rabbit follower waves her down from the background, yelling "Leader! Great Leader!!" In the second panel, the rabbit follower approaches Emily, as she stops sweeping to look at them. They have an expression of concern on their face as they say "Um...some of us are a little worried...that maybe you're becoming obsessed with necromancy?" In the third panel, Emily throws up her arms in frustration. The broom morphs back into the Red Crown, and swoops to the top of her head. "Obsessed?!" Emily yells, "I've resurrected like, ONE dude!" in the fourth panel, the rabbit follower motions to a wolf follower in the background, who is hunched over and seeping a dark substance which flies into the sky. The rabbit follower yells "But you've resurrected him TEN TIMES!" The wolf follower quietly murmurs "please let me die" as Emily closes her eyes and explains "Look, every new religion needs a Duncan Idaho."

How long do I expect the cult to last? Wellllll… 🐑 Thanks as always for reading! See you in two weeks!