A single panel comic. The panel is a send up of a Spotify Wrapped graphic, listing top plays, songs, genre, and so on. The graphic opens with the title: "Your Listening Statistics Since You Don't Actually Use Spotify and Thusly You Don't Get a Fun Wrapped Graphic." The words "Your" "Spotify" and "Wrapped" are written larger and in bright yellow font. Below the title, a geometric patern in yellow, blue, and magenta frames a square that has a chest-up simple illustration of Emily, leaning her head back with a "wow!" speech bubble. The contents of the lists are: "Top Played: 1. That One Character Playlist That's Vaguely Unhinged, 2. The Month You Just Listened To "Bleed Out" on Repeat, 3. The Character Playlist You Made While Noticeably Depressed and Projecting, 4. The Day You Only Listened To One Spandau Ballet Song Because You Missed Tour Friends, 5. They Might Be Giants" "Minutes Listened: More Than You Spent In Therapy" "Top Songs: 1. Training Montage, 2. Blood Capsules, 3. Chant No.1, 4. Weird Science, 5. Synopsis For Latecomers" "Top Genre: Guys Named John" At the bottom of this graphic, Emily stands, sheepishly rubbing the back of her neck and looking at the lists. "Uhhh, maybe it's good that I don't normally get one of these..." she muses.

Thanks as always for reading.