A full color comic. Throughout, two characters, Emily and Em, interact. Emily has short brown hair, glasses, and is wearing a gray hoodie. Em also has short, darker brown hair, and is wearing a yellow tank top. In the first panel, Emily and Em sit in the living room on neighboring couches, eating tacos. Sparkles and a pink glow emits from Emily as she says "Oh my god, Em...these tacos are so good." Em, next to her, gives a stoic thumbs up. In the second panel, Emily continues to eat as Em looks down at the taco in their hand. "I think I want to make a salsa verde sometime though," they start, "instead of store bought. You can control the spice that way." In the third panel, we zoom in on Emily. She leans to the right as she smiles and says "Well, you know what they say--" In the fourth panel, Em looks over at Emily, who is now off panel, raising their eyebrow in curiosity. In the fifth panel, we zoom in on Emily, raising a finger and her brows raising, a conspiratorial look on her face. "He who controls the spice--" she begins to quote. In the sixth panel, we cut back to Em, whose expression has immediately fallen as the background darkens. In the seventh panel, we zoom even more on Emily, only her face filling up the entire panel. She finishes the quote, "--controls the universe." In the eight panel, Em, whose expression has not changed, simply replies "no."

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