A full color comic. In the first panel, Emily stands in front of an orange gradient background. She holds up a large iced coffee triumphantly. "Alright, the coffee maker at work has been broken for weeks. It's time to employ 32 ounces of desperate measures!" she says. In the second panel, Emily is sitting in her cubicle in front of a laptop, but her and her word bubbles are blurred and vibrating. "oh," she remarks, "bad idea." In the third panel, a thought bubble with Emily's internal monologue version of herself floats above the still vibrating Emily, who is now eating a piece of pizza. "After all this," her internal self scolds, "you're eating cold pizza for lunch?" Emily replies "don't look at me" as her internal self continues, "you're almost thirty, your constitution can't handle this!"

Thanks as always for reading.