A three panel, full color comic. In the first panel, Emily sits on the couch, eyes closed in exhaustion. She holds a bowl of pasta in one hand and a remote in the other as she says "Ugh, man, I'm completely spent. I'm just gonna relax and watch a stream VOD with dinner." In the second panel, a huge speech bubble spikes into the frame from the bottom of the panel, unintelligible but clearly some kind of vulgarity. Emily leans out of the way of it. In the third panel, Emily pushes the speech bubble down in frustration. "Congrats, downstairs neighbors," she begins, turning up the volume of the TV with the remote still in her hand. "Now we ALL get to learn why Solid Snake is old," she concludes, as "gnggh-Otacon-" dialogue drifts in from the off-screen TV.

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