A five panel comic, toned in brown and light brown. There are no panel borders, and it's mostly Emily standing in a formless space. In the first panel, Emily, frustrated, pounds her fist into her other hand. She begins narrating: "Ok, depression be damned, I'm gonna make an actual lunch that isn't just leftovers or veggies and hummus." In the second panel, Emily stands in front of a boiling pot of water, holding a box of pasta in her hand. "I'll just make that easy pasta dish," she continues. In the third panel, the scene zooms in as Emily tilts the box into the pot and pasta pours out uncontrollably. Emily quietly lets out a "wait-" at the torrent of pasta. In the fourth panel, the camera zooms out again and Emily stands in front of the pot, staring blankly. Labels identify the pot as having approximately 4 servings of pasta in it, and Emily as "1 me." In the fifth panel, observing the scene, Emily lets out a small "well."

Thanks as always for reading! Next week’s comic will be back to mostly normal. Hopefully!