A five panel, full color comic. In the first panel, a bed is shown, comforter askew and the morning light shining in through a window behind it. Narration begins: "On a day that begins with the news I'd been dreading for a month, it feels strange, callous even, to continue as normal." In the second panel, Emily carries a bundle of sheets down the hallway, looking exhausted. The narration continues: "But perhaps, in that way, even the mundane becomes infused with memory." In the third panel, Emily fills up the detergent cap. The narration continues: "So I do my laundry." In the fourth panel, Emily stands at an ironing board, ironing a shirt. The narration continues: "And I iron my clothes." In the Firth panel, a tree is seen outside, with the silhouette of the buildings on the street in the distance. The light is soft and warm. The narration concludes: "And I set out to find small ways in my day to remember you."

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