A six panel comic. In the first panel, Emily sits on a dark blue couch, half covered in a blanket, looking at her phone. Em sits on a second, teal couch, also looking at their phone. The phone screens glow in the cozy room. Em says "It's kind of wild that 'Running Up That Hill' is having a moment right now," to which Emily quips back "Yeah!" In the second panel, we zoom in on Emily, an excited expression on her face. "Now we just need the Kate Bush arm wave thing to come back," she says. In the third panel, we zoom in on Em, looking at Emily (who is now off-panel) with a confused expression. "The what?" they ask. In the fourth panel, we return to both Emily and Em, sitting on their respective couches. Emily looks on at Em with a blank, bewildered expression, lowering her phone. In the fifth panel, Emily lifts her arms over her head and starts waving them, leaning to the right at first. Her phone is now laying screen-up on the blanket over her lap. Em on at Emily with a concerned expression on her face. In the sixth panel, Emily continues waving her arms, now leaning toward the left. Em, concern growing, says "I don't know what you're doing," to which Emily emphatically shouts back, in a text bubble that breaks the panel outline, "Turn on the Wuthering Heights music video right now!"

Please educate yourself if you’re unaware.