A six panel comic. In the first panel, Emily (a short-haired woman with glasses, wearing a button-up shirt and a mask) sits at a desk in a cubicle, typing away at a laptop. She looks absolutely exhausted, and her thoughts share the sentiment of her expression: "good gravy I'm so tired. can you be soul-tired? I think I'm that. everything is a mess, I need to do SOMETHING restorative tonight or I'll collapse." The second panel zooms in so that only the top half of Emily's face is visible. Her tired expression has changed to one of determination as she continues thinking "...I'm gonna go home and draw a wizard." In the third panel, Emily is now in her apartment, and in a much comfier wardrobe of an oversized t-shirt. Her legs are curled under a plaid check blanket as she sits on the couch, focused on the tablet propped up in her lap that she is drawing on. In the fourth panel, we swing around to see a close-up of the tablet. Upon it is an extremely goofy looking wizard in pink robes with yellow stars, a long gray beard, wielding a sword and staff that are both letting off pink sparkles. In the fifth panel, we are once again looking at Emily on the couch, partially zoomed in from before. She holds the tablet out and stares at it intently. In the sixth and final panel, she closes her eyes and says "Well, this didn't solve anything. But at least now I have a wizard."

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