A four panel comic. In the first panel, the planet Earth is seen centered in the frame, in the vast emptiness of space. Stars twinkle around it. Emily's narration begins, "Sometimes I'm struck by the idea that if alternate or parallel universes exist--" In the second panel, Emily, a short-haired woman with glasses, dressed in a purple sleeveless hoodie and jean shorts, walks down a city street. The silhouette of trees frame the panel, and buildings can be seen in the distance. She continues in her internal monologue, "Then there's a version of me somewhere--" In the third panel, Emily is now sitting at a table in front of a laptop, looking pensive. The narration continues, "Almost EXACTLY the same as me now--" In the last panel, we rotate around to reveal the laptop screen: a listing of works on Archive of Our Own, seemingly all fanfic of Havelock Vetinari and Samuel Vimes from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. Both visible fics are titled with Mountain Goats lyrics: "hand in unlovable hand" from No Children and "the searchlights in the parking lots of hell" from Old College Try. Emily Looks at the camera, grinning devilishly as her narration finishes, "But really, REALLY good at writing the kind of pairing fanfic I crave."

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