A four panel, full color comic. In the first panel, Emily leans down as she talks to Kirby. She begins, "You know, since I'm revisiting games I never finished--" Kirby interjects with a "poyo!" "Maybe I should go back to Persona 5 too?" In the second panel, we zoom out to see Ann and Morgana from Persona 5 standing in front of them. Ann is in her Panther get up, and looks visibly annoyed as Morgana fawns over her and is generally weird and gross. Emily and Kirby in the background look on. In the third panel, we zoom back in on Emily and Kirby, the former of which has a disgusted look on her face similar to Ann. Morgana's weird, objectifying chatter continues in the background. In the fourth panel, Emily starts shoving Kirby out of frame, with a "We're leaving, Kirby." He replies with a confused "poyo?" which Emily just responds with "I'll explain when you're older." Morgana's passes at Ann continue in the background.

[sprays persona 5 with water] stop it Thanks as always for reading!